SEO Web Design Revisited

Its time to bring back the timeless concept of “superb design”; the synergy of fusing SEO, web development, and web design to appease search engine spiders with proper content, code, and HTML etiquette.

This collection of posts from the past, discuss site architecture, alt text optimization,  code-bloat (the concept of search engines penalizing loading times) and other optimal metrics that produce top 10 search engine supremacy.

The Archives:

  • What Is Superior SEO Web Design?
  • SEO Web Design, Usability and the Power of Impressions!
  • SEO Web Design, Harnessing the Power of Alt Text and Images

This category in our blog needs some dusting off, so in tandem with the morsels above, how about another throwback to an ancient yet stellar post like SEO Web Design Form, Function and Appeal, the Psychology of a click through and for your indulgence, gems like Don’t Let Broken Links and Errors Devalue SEO Efforts.


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