Domain Name Is A More Important SEO Factor Than IP Address?

Self-proclaimed SEO specialists abound today, most of whom area unit unable to separate anecdotes and opinions from facts. If ever you encounter one United Nations agency says sharing associate information processing address with low ranking sites would have an effect on your site’s ranking, higher hunt for another SEO adviser.

Google itself confirmed that its SEO formula neither discriminates nor favors an internet site supported information processing address. consistent with Matt Cutts, the top of Google’s Webspam team, an internet site with a novel information processing address has no algorithmic advantage over sites with shared information processing addresses. Cutt is simple in repudiation of the “unique information processing theory” as a story.

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Before the arrival of the virtual non-public server (VPS), shared and dedicated hosting area unit the sole 2 choices for internet publishers searching for managed server solutions. language up for shared hosting suggests that business your website underneath associate information processing address utilized by alternative customers of your internet host, whereas dedicated hosting provides you a novel information processing address and server, that after all prices a lot of. The “Unique information processing = SEO Factor” story somehow helped foster the expansion of virtual non-public server hosting, within which one physical server is split into multiple user accounts, every having a novel information processing address.

Google Ban Websites by name, Not by IP
Google is aware that numerous websites share a standard information processing address, that’s why prohibition sites by information processing address don’t add up. As a proof, Google is requiring internet homeowners to specify their site’s name (not information processing address) once causation asking to reverse Google’s ban or penalty. Google admits that a ban may well be subject to reversal upon review.

Another proof is that an illegal name wouldn’t seem in Google search results notwithstanding it’s transferred to a replacement host with a unique information processing address unless the new owner informs Google that the illegal domain is currently underneath a replacement possession and inhabited with entirely new content. This clearly shows that Google depends on name rather than information processing address once ranking websites. scan the $64000 story of Chris Webb United Nations agency bought when it had been blacklisted by Google.

Getting a novel information processing via VPS or dedicated internet hosting isn’t unhealthy either. an avid information processing prevents security problems and permits for a lot of flexibility in tweaking the server atmosphere.

Possible Reasons Why Some Sites appear to be illegal supported information processing Address
Google is, of course, smarter than black-hat SEO specialists out there. Since one server will be abused for SEO functions, Google appearance into domain human data to examine if one webmaster is maintaining an oversized network of spammy sites. Google will uncover amerciable SEO activities by watching domain registration information. If you’re attending to purchase domain names from GoDaddy and publish them underneath constant information processing address, that’s fine. however if you’d use them to create links to your main website, Google might ban your entire web site network. the human information would show that these sites area unit owned by one webmaster and by having a standard outward-bound link, it’d be simple that they need to be been created principally for SEO functions.

The ISP of your internet host may also have an effect on your site’s ranking in delicate ways that. for example, a number with high period of time will inform a crawler that your website isn’t existing. this may result in the temporary downgrade within the PageRank of all sites on the server. Also, if the server laptop is slow in handling the consumer request, bounce rates might increase. Bounce rate indicates however long a traveler has stayed in your website, and this can be one among over two hundred SEO factors in Google’s formula.





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