Other Ways To “Build Links” For Your Website

Link building is a time consuming and creative endeavor. In the long run, some links pass value more than others, which is why diversity is the key to creating a stable and trustworthy link profile for your website.
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First, a brief synopsis of the more common types of links and link building that one typically pursues, then, a few non-traditional unique alternatives will be presented.

Editorial links – carry weight but have more value for flash in the pan promotions or to draw attention to a newsworthy event.

Social media links – such as “Mixx” or “Stumbleupon” have an initial spike (until the attention they generate wavers despite the viral nature of social media) and the end result is typically site-wide links across multiple categories if the story goes hot and gets a lot of attention.

Directories and article marketing – still work, however, their technique is best used as a cumulative tactic coupled with other link building methods to realize their effects, as articles are archived after 30 days and directories take time to enhance a link profile.

Contextual Link building – uses blogs and other websites and uses the premise of content and then provides a link to the target site with a relevant “Wikipedia style” link to the site with the ideal keyword, to the ideal page. Excellent technique, but very time consuming and link and IP diversity are crucial for maximum impact. It is better to not build links excessively from one site or same block of IP addresses. In other words, the more site that links to you with trust, the more trust and relevance the reputation of your site become (diversity is essential).

So, what is left as tangible ways to build links to your site? Here are a few alternate tactics that take more effort, but carry more weight in the long run.

Ways to “Build Links” Other Than SEO

Books: Amazon is an online powerhouse, so if you take the time to publish a book and sell it through them, you can essentially ensure static search engine positioning for multiple keywords that comprise the books name & category on high traffic Google search engine result pages.

E-books: Just as much potential resides in e-books and PDF files (which have links that are indexed and remain intact). A popular e-book is a great way to position your brand and transform window shoppers into evangelists for your products and services. When you identify with a company’s message, products or services, you tell others about it. Referral based marketing (the traditional third-party referral) is one of the most underrated forms of lead generation. So, the time it takes to create pales in comparison to the ripple effect it can produce if you launch it under the right conditions to the right audience.

Software: Including toolbars, screensavers, javascript applications: If you build it, you get the credit for it. Credit in this capacity is a link back from trusted websites with authority. The point is, there is a category of software or useful application for everybody and people are always looking for new items to add to their mix of software or application collection.

Widgets or Free WordPress Themes– nothing like creating a custom WordPress theme to offer to the masses. Don’t go overboard on linking back to your site, a simple mention in the footer is enough. Aside from the fact that people download and use your theme (which is one form of link building a.k.a enhancing link popularity), the real magic occurs from the directories that list your theme (who provide a link back to your site) like WordPress for example. Dozens of opportunities such as these exist as methods to position your site in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

Video Optimization – the video is still a burgeoning new industry online and we know (based on TV) that it is a favorable medium to engage an audience without the need to have a thesis on your page. Video qualifies as content too, so why not add another visual call to action and layer of conversion to your website to think outside the box. Simply shoot a video, create a landing page, title it with the main keywords, tag it and test the waters of conversion.

Create Link Worthy Content – conduct thorough research on a topic, compile various sources to support the theory and create something punchy and conclusive. If you incorporate other blogs (power users) or their research, you can attract their attention and they will link back to you to get your piece off the ground. All it takes are a few authority links from the right sources to create a synergistic effect that can have your pages hovering in search engines for months and driving traffic to your site.

By being creative you can find other link building opportunities, the idea is, use quality and diversity, there are thousands of techniques such as these that all produce tangible results to enhance your link profile.

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